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Cann acts as the extended brain power and energy boost that you’ve been looking for.

The most successful companies know that to win, you must create a business that can surf the waves of change as the cannabis industry matures. The best players use strategy, creativity, and future forward thinking.

Cann Strategy helps cannabis companies build solid foundations, competitive edges, and a resilience to regulatory turbulence.  Our success benchmark is for our clients to reach their goal of being profitable, purposeful and primed for success.

What are you looking to do? License, launch, up-level or expand an existing cannabis dispensary, cultivation, or production? Let’s find out if we’re a match!

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Why our clients choose cann.

We keep it real. You deserve clarity and in order to provide that we make sure to be direct and forthcoming.

We don’t dictate
we collaborate. Your input always matters and we see our role as mixing your vision with our core skillsets to create the best outcomes possible.

We believe that strong communication is the difference between being good and being great, so we happily answer calls and emails.

Of course, there are the obvious things like our strategic thinking, diverse skills, varied expertise, and combined decades of real-life cannabis industry experience in medical and recreational states.

Let’s start the conversation.

What our clients are saying.

Our company utilized Cann for assistance with our application for a dispensary licenses in Illinois.  Our application scored 98%. The entire CANN team displayed an exceptional level of professionalism and competence. They knew the licensing process inside and out and helped us navigate through a complicated maze of rules and regulations without any problems whatsoever.

Al Moran
Dispensary License Applicant


CANN helped us pass our first state inspection for the dispensary and receive our certificate of operations.  They set up our location from the technology, the inventory vault, our first product intake, and training our team. We were fully prepared us to launch our first dispensary and have been successful ever since.

K. Capurro, CEO
Deep Roots Harvest Dispensary


Cann’s team helped us all the way through the competitive licensing process for a dispensary in Nevada. They managed the entire project for us, including writing the application with all regulations cited, developing our team bios, brand design,  and working with our architect to develop floor plans.  We were one of only 17 companies to win in that dispensary licensing round and were awarded 3 dispensary licenses.

A. Terteryan, Partner
Tree of Life Dispensaries