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Founder & CEO.

Juliana Whitney founder of Cann Strategy

Juliana Whitney, MBA, specializes in new venture creation and development and has been focused on the cannabis industry since 2015.  She has composed high scoring competitive license applications for investor/ownership groups.  She has trained service teams for some of the most successful dispensaries and cultivation facilities in Las Vegas and acquired certificates of operations for dispensaries, cultivations, and production facilities, briefly advised the dispensary division of one of the largest multi-license business takeovers to date, and was Managing Editor of Cannabis Magazine during its startup phase.

Her focus on new venture creation and development is what inspired the creation of Cann Strategy. Each Cann Strategy service is designed and based on her hands-on knowledge of the cannabis industry combined with new venture feasibility and growth strategies.  She is especially skilled at managing competitive license projects and business set up and startup,  for existing companies and brand new organizations.

Knowing the “why” behind every action taken and understanding how each piece affects the whole is key in developing effective strategies and crucial for efficient business growth.  How things tie together, matters.

Juliana Whitney, CEO

Cann Strategy Consultants.

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Team Member for Cann Strategies: Nick

Cann Strategy’s cannabis industry consultants have hands-on experience in operations and licensing of dispensaries, cultivations, and production facilities in regulated states. They range in skillsets from architecture and high end brand design, to regulatory research and operational compliance (and a lot of stuff in between!).

Rather than utilizing the same group of consultants for every project, Cann utilizes a strengths based model. Consultants are assigned to client projects based on their specific expertise as relevant to client outcomes.

Outside Partnerships.

Many licensing and business development projects require outside service providers such as architects, lawyers, and accountants.  Cann Strategy has connections with these service providers to ensure clients have the complete suite of services that they need.

When clients have other critical service providers already selected, Cann Strategy collaborates with each service provider to ensure that projects are executed cohesively and the various service providers can operate effectively as a team.

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