The search for dispensary locations in Ohio is on!Ohio is currently accepting medical marijuana dispensary applications.  There are 73 licenses available and each company is allowed to have up to five locations.  See the requirements for the application here.

Finding real estate

The most difficult part of this application process is finding real estate that suffices and complies with the regulations. What’s the issue?

  1. The distance requirement of 500 feet away from residential, school, church, park, addiction rehab center.
  2. Township/City/County moratoriums.
  3. Landlords who are against the use.
  4. Lenders on properties who won’t allow landlords to have dispensary tenants.
  5. Additional requirements set by localities (ex: in Dayton you have to have a stand alone building).

How to Approach Your Property Search

The ideal way is to have multiple brokers looking for properties on your behalf.  You can also join the effort.  Here’s how.

1._Visit a commercial real estate site like LoopNet or Crexi.

2.  Search for retail zoned properties in the region where you want to apply.

3. Enter your minimum and maximum square footage requirement.  2,500 to 3,000 is a sweet spot.

4. When you find a property you like, put the address in google and figure out what township r city   the address falls under.

5. Google “township/city name medical marijuana zoning” to find out if they have a moratorium (we have list below to reference as well).

6. If the township does not have a moratorium:

  • Check on google maps to see if there any of the prohibited locations are too close to the property (residential, addiction rehab center, school, park, church).
  • Check with the local zoning authority of the township or city to make sure that you have met any local zoning and location rules that may differ from state regulations.

7. If the distance requirements are met, reach out to the agent listed on the property post and ask if the property can be used for a dispensary.

8. If the landlord approves the use, start the conversation immediately about getting the property form signed, and getting a lease or lease hold agreement signed. With many landlords you will have to pay a monthly fee or full monthly rent until you learn whether or not you win a license at that location.

    • Make sure to ask the landlord if they have signed agreements with other applicants.  Only 1 company can win a license for each location so if 2 are chosen in the lottery each get pulled and have the same location, only 1 of them wins.

9. Sign the agreements, get the blue prints and get started with your construction company and architect on drawings, build out schedule and build out budget.

Finding real estate for an Ohio medical marijuana dispensary license application

Ohio Towns With Medicial Marijuana Moratoriums

This list of moratoriums was originally provided by

HB 523 allows municipalities to establish their own regulations to prohibit or limit the number of marijuana operations.

Please feel free to add to the list or correct us if you come across others we are missing or have by accident – this is going to be a big undertaking.

6 Month Moratoriums:

  • Lakewood
  • Beavercreek
  • Piqua
  • Rocky River
  • Lima
  • Portsmouth
  • Ohio City
  • Parma
  • Brooklyn
  • North Canton
  • New Albany
  • Pickerington
  • Avon Lake
  • North Olmstead
  • Olmstead Falls
  • Sheffield Village
  • Tallmadge City
  • Clayton
  • Miami Township
  • Miamisburg
  • West Milton
  • Medina
  • Broadview Heights
  • Bresksville
  • Strongsville
  • Munroe Falls
  • Hudson
  • Stow
  • Springfield
  • Westlake
  • Fariview Park
  • Xenia
  • Wapakoneta
  • Tiffin
  • Bryan
  • Napoleon
  • McConnelsville Village
  • Aurora
  • Covington
  • Port Clinton
  • Sandusky
  • Vermillion
  • Huron Township
  • Perkins Township
  • Grandview Heights

12 Month Moratoriums:

  • Dover City
  • New Philadelphia
  • Akron
  • Cleveland
  • Upper Arlington City
  • Franklin
  • Middletown (Butler County)
  • Liberty Township
  • Ross Township
  • Zanesville
  • Lancaster
  • Fremont
  • Fostoria
  • Concord Township
  • Waterville
  • Weathersfield
  • Loveland

18 Month Moratoriums:

  • Bexley (Proposed Ordinance 36-16)

24 Month Moratoriums:

  • Findlay


  • Hamilton, Butler County
  • Belmont County has banned Employees use of MMJ
  • Bay Village (They city officials wanted to point out that they may retract the ban at some point in the future)

Finding real estate for a medical marijuana dispensary application in ohio

In Conclusion: Applying for an Ohio Dispensary License 2021

In conclusion, finding a location for your Ohio dispensary application is an absolutely crucial step, and it happens to be one of the most unexpectedly difficult steps. The process is intense but it’s worth the effort. You might feel tempted to take some time to think it over bu with only seven weeks until the applications are dues, you have to make a decision NOW.

We are approaching our cut off for accepting new clients, and are only accepting new clients who have found property. Our team of industry experts can help you do the best to manage putting together the best application possible for your team. Turn your business goals into actionable strategies that truly make a difference in the world.

Ready to work together? Contact us today.

Juliana Whitney